The question everyone is asking...Why?

The immediate impression of some will be that this initiative is strictly a matter of religious belief and an effort to shape law out of a certain Christian theology or worldview. While we will address theological issues, God-Given Marriage raises the profound social and constitutional implications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 decision in regard to marriage, Obergefell v. Hodges, about which many with no particular religious affiliation are concerned.

It is irrefutable and undeniable that in the few short years following the Supreme Court decision, we have experienced some tremendous societal shifts. Numerous advocates of that decision now demand tolerance and acceptance of polygamy. They degrade true womanhood by denying that there is anything objectively true about and intrinsic to being a female when they advocate for transgenderism and gender fluidity. Additionally, many now assert that pedophilia is “natural.” And many are working hard to influence and indoctrinate children in regard to their sexual ethic through drag queen story hours, “family-friendly” gay pride activities, sex education curricula, and much more.

There are multitudes who do not approve of this shift, but they have felt powerless to do anything about it. They feel like the Supreme Court “has ruled” on these “sex issues” for so long, beginning with contraceptives and abortion in the ‘60s and ‘70s, that they just see Obergefell as the capstone of this judicially-fomented sexual revolution in our culture. Many feel like opposition to this shift will not only engender anger toward them personally, but create expensive lawsuits against their state and local governments that they feel they have little hope of winning.

God-Given Marriage says, “No” to these defeatist feelings and attitudes!

The fact is the legal and constitutional foundations given to us by our Founding Fathers are still there, even though they have been forgotten for decades and often misused. These foundational precepts, which go back centuries in the course of their development, can be used to bring about systemic reformation—even as they did in the formation of America—if the people of Tennessee will insist that at least their elected officials adhere to them. God-Given Marriage seeks to help Tennesseans do just that, and by God’s grace to help citizens in other states do the same.

Specifically, we believe we can no longer ignore the unconstitutional judicial practices taking place in the federal courts of our nation. Too many lawyers and judges now treat U.S. Supreme Court opinions as if they were amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Federal courts cannot make laws. And the U.S. Supreme Court cannot be understood by our state officials as having the authority to make laws for our state.

We have surrendered our God-given rights and our rights to representative government to the federal judicial branch for too long.

No matter where you may find yourself on the spectrum of LGBT rights, every American who values representative government should be concerned with the constitutional overreach of the United States Supreme Court on the issue of marriage and its dismissal of foundational constitutional principles such as the separation of powers and respect for the freedoms protected by the dual sovereignty of state governments and a federal government with limited and delegated powers. Every American should be concerned that the vague and autonomous notions of liberty the United States Supreme Court has been articulating for decades will destroy any sense of unity we might have, even in our local communities.

It is time to tell the politicians and judges at both the federal, state, and local levels who have forgotten our most basic constitutional principles, “Enough!"

This initiative is not born out of any intent to malign, condemn, impugn, hold up to ridicule or scorn any person, or provoke maltreatment of anyone. This initiative is not about nor does it assert any inherent ethical superiority of one person or group of persons over another.


Having civil law recognize marriage as the relationship between one man and one woman is a product of three different motivations, one or more of which may not be shared by supporters of this initiative.
  • God as Creator
    To commend to all consideration of God as Creator with particular emphasis on how that belief affects our understanding of law, rights, liberty, and happiness, both individually and in society with one another.
  • Restore Constitutional Order
    Restore a constitutional order that secures a proper understanding of our pre-constitutional and fundamental rights at common law to personal security, liberty, and property by means of the separation of powers and the existence of dual sovereigns. 
  • Individual vs Society
    Avoid the disordering of society that will result from the principle of individual autonomy that now underlies much of the United States Supreme Court’s jurisprudence in the realm of personal rights (decisions).

Reasons for support

An individual’s or organization’s support for this initiative should not be interpreted as support for all three of these motivations. There are multiple reasons to support this campaign.
  • Restore Constitutional Order
    Restore constitutional order by securing an understanding of our rights to life, liberty, and property grounded in the fundamental legal concepts that framed the U.S. Constitution and do so through a renewed respect for and insistence on the part of our elected officials that they faithfully adhere to the constitutional principles that were intended to secured those rights—the “separation of powers” between the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of civil government and the freedom protected by dispersal of governing authority between state governments and a federal government of limited and enumerated powers, the concept the U.S. Supreme Court calls “dual sovereignty.”
  • Defend the U.S. Constitution
    A way to defend the U.S. Constitution from federal judicial overreach and a means by which individuals can insist that their state and local officials act in a manner that shows they recognize and will uphold the limits of the federal judiciary’s powers over the laws of their state. When citizens and state elected officials believe that federal courts can make or effectively amend laws for the state, representative government is undermined and judicial tyranny is established.
  • Get Government Out of the Marriage Business
    A means by which individuals and organizations can help civil government move away from the increasingly statist belief that civil government created and thereby “owns” the right to the marital relation between a man and a woman. They may desire to again make marriage a decision between a man and a woman and limit the role of civil government to protecting the rights that arise from the duties they assume toward each other and allow other personal relations to be developed by means of a civil contract under which the rights and duties under those contracts can be enforced by the state’s judicial branch.
  • Parental Rights
    A defense against civil government’s increasing control over the offspring of those who have a “government marriage.” They foresee in the premise that marriage is a relationship the civil government allows by licensure a basis for those in civil government to think or, in the case of some, to continue thinking that they have the power to redefine by law the nature of the relation between parent and child, resulting in a corresponding decrease in the natural and God-given rights of parents in relation to the nurture and training of their children.

We invite you to join us. Together, let’s take back marriage and our state government from the federal government and the United States Supreme Court in particular.

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